7 Minute Muscle Review

7 minute muscle review

Below is the 7 Minute Muscle Review – the review of the most offective weight loss, bodybuilding and muscle building program. The best thing about these workouts to lose weight and build muscle is, the program is so effective because the workouts are very short, but very intense – you only have to workout for 7 minutes at a time to get the best results.

Have a Look At The 7 Minute Muscle

So here’s the million-dollar question:

“What’s the number one reason people do not work out?”

Is it lack of money? Lack of motivation? Perhaps they lack the ideal workout plan?

Nope. It’s TIME. Or rather the lack thereof.

50% of the population doesn’t exercise and the most commonly cited barrier to exercise is lack of time.

There was a study which compared a group of people who exercised “traditionally” – 90 to 120 minutes per day – with another group exercising far less: only 20 minutes per day and only three days per week.

That’s a whopping one hour per week folks.

Did you know that Jon Benson’s “7 Minute Muscle” plan calls for only five 7 minute workout with resistance training (weights or bodyweight) plus only 9 minutes cardio a few days per week?

And that actually works? Yeah… you bet it does.

If you do the math, that’s about an hour per week as well.

This is the “Level 1” workout. There are three levels depending on your goals and exercise tolerance.

Find out more here –

7 Minute Muscle <— brief is best!

Back to the study:

In just two weeks both groups showed improvement in both exercise performance and oxygen uptake. (Remember, fat burns in the presence of oxygen.)

The kicker is that both groups were almost identical in their improvement. Why? Because the brief exercise group trained with greater focus and more intensity – exactly how Jon suggests you train.

This is just one of dozens of studies that confirm the benefits of shorter but more intense workouts.

However, there is a catch: Train too hard and you will shut down your fat-burning furnace.

Your body perceives over-exertion done over an extended period of time as a sign of pursuit. It can trigger an ancient hormonal sequence that says, “I’m being chased by a tiger! Horde the fat!”

The body literally shuts down what it considers to be unnecessary activity in favor of self-preservation. And guess what? Burning off those hips and love handles is not a biological necessity.

You have to learn when to hit it hard AND when to rest and recover.

Finally, you have to put yourself into the proper mental state in order to see greater results in the shortest period of time.

Jon devotes an entire chapter to putting your mind into your muscle to make gains faster than ever before in “7 Minute Muscle.” You can read more here –

7 Minute Muscle <— brief is best!

Just remember these three key points:

1. Time is the greatest barrier to fitness.
2. Workouts can be short and very effective.
3. The body goes where the mind directs.

Train smart 😉

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