Fast Weight Loss For Women Is Easy With These Simple Methods

I was overweight a few years ago, and never thought I could lose my excess weight. I have tried every single diet, shakes, the weight watchers, seemed like I`ve tried everything, and nothing worked. I hated my body, did not want to go to the beach, and summer was not my favorite part of the year. That was about 6 years ago.

I am totally different today. I have lost over 50 pounds, and I know this is a lot. I am 1.69 m height and my current weight is 111 pounds. It is probably my body`s ideal weight, because it used to go down until now, and now it stopped, and keeps the same for some time lately.

I am sure no woman can go wrong by combining the methods I used and am still using, and I am going to share them with you.

Before I start, I want you to know that I spent weeks on research and reading. I spent months on trying what diet programs for women work and what do not. The things I am sharing here will save you TONS of time – please value this information.

During my weight loss journey, I combined three different methods: a diet, exercising and weight loss supplements. Now I no longer exercise and no longer take pills, because I reached my weight loss goal. I do not follow any diet program now as well, however, after following the diet I will talk about later, I changed my eating habits, so now I eat healthy all the time, but not feel like dieting. Long time ago, though, this seemed like dieting.

Before getting into any new weight loss diets, I did colon cleanse for three weeks. I think this is necessary for a good start – I felt my body was so light, clean, and I really felt good after it.

In the beginning, I started to take weight loss supplements for women, for a better start, and they really helped (read more about that here: diet pills for women). As well as follow the diet program called the Day Off Diet. I chose this diet program because I needed a diet that would let me eat pretty much everything, and I did not want to feel like dieting all the time. This program was great because I could have one day in a week eating whatever I liked, and as much as I wanted. To be true, on the first week, I had two “days off”, but still lost 3 pounds! And those other days were not bad at all – I ate enough lean meat, fish, vegetables, never felt hungry, and really enjoyed this weight loss program.

What I also liked about the Day Off Diet, is that it is based on metabolism – body`s ability to burn the fat. The higher the metabolism, the more weight one can lose.

I added my own twist to these two methods: I drank plenty of water (as much as possible), and whenever possible, I tried not to eat after 7 PM. More of the smallest details I am sharing in the FREE weight loss guide, which you can get by subscribing on the top right of this page.

I also used the diet generator from the Strip That Fat diet (not the diet itself though, just the diet generator – they have a really good one! Find more information here). So I used to generate a diet for myself for the whole week, and I never felt like dieting – it was very important for me.

My pounds went down week by week – I was feeling so great! After about a month, I went shopping for new clothes. Lovely! 🙂

I do not like exercising at all, but I felt after some time, that it was difficult for me to lose weight on arms – they did not look very attractive. Going to the gym was not something I wanted to do, so I started exercising at home, doing exercises that were targeting exactly arm fat (more info about how to lose arm fat).

That was all I did. Now I no longer exercise nor take the weight loss supplements. My “diet” became my lifestyle, which I never believed might happen because I did not want to change my lifestyle (why should I? 😉 ).

I never thought losing weight can be easy. But it is.. believe it or not. What you need is motivation, and the right information.

To your weight loss success!

Jesse S.

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