How To Lose Arm Fat – Exercises For Flabby Arms

Whatever you decide to do after you read this article, please keep in mind that in order to lose weight on your arms, you most often will have to reduce your whole body fat level. If you have been struggling to lose weight off your body, and are still looking for the best ways to do that, try my suggested weight loss methods (get the FREE guide at the top right corner of the window) – they truly work.

By following my suggested steps, you will reduce the fat off your arms, too.

How To Lose Arm Fat

These are the three things you have to do in order to lose arm fat – nothing else is needed. And it is really simple to do. Most of the women skip one or two of the steps thinking that they can still have beautiful arms, but this is not true. You need EACH of these!

The 3 Main Steps For Toned And Sexy Arms

Build The muscle – this is what forms toned and beautiful arms! Done by strength training.

Burn The Fat – this is what lets everybody SEE your beautiful arms! Done by cardio workouts.

Increase Metabolism – this will let you keep your arms sexy effortlessly later! Done with the right nutrition.

How I Lost My Arm Fat

I never thought I might need to concentrate on losing arm fat! I kept losing weight, but had problems with my arms. They looked so fat and big, I was avoiding to wear sleeveless tops, never waived my arms in the air for fear of somebody seeing how they “flap”.

Diet helped, I was dropping size by size, but dieting only was not enough.

I started exercising. Doing anything that came to my mind, just to move my arms. Did not help…

No matter how much I tried, or how many exercises to lose arm fat I did, I was never able to get rid of my flabby arms… I could not understand what I was doing wrong. One day, when I was talking to a friend of mine, she told me about a few exercises to lose arm fat, and how she had got rid of her fat arms in a very short period of time. Later on the same day, I was thinking about what my friend had told me, and decided to check out the program for losing arm fat, called “Go Sleeveless“. So I researched over the Internet and found some great reviews on this program – I was so impressed seeing all those nice pictures and reading the success stories!

I decided to go ahead and try it myself. After about ten days my arms got visibly nicer and toner! And in about two weeks, my friends noticed my beautiful arms! I was wearing sleeveless dresses as I have never done before! I loved them!

Here is what I needed to do the exercises:

– An exercise ball;

– A bench or a chair;

– A pair of dumbells;

– A resistance band.

I only exercised for 20 minutes every second day. According to the “Go Sleeveless” program, shorter, but intense workouts work best, and I believe this to be true. The fat burning effects after such workouts are much better compared to the longer, but less intensive workouts (that means, the body is still burning fat for a few hours after the workout). I felt great after each workout, full of energy, and this is unusual, because I actually do not like exercising at all.

The Go Sleeveless program also provides a nutrition plan, which is going to help increase metabolism. I did not follow the exact method because I was combining Go Sleeveless arm fat losing program with the Day Off Diet (read why I chose this one: fast weight loss for women). However, I think the nutrition plan is pretty good one.

The good thing is also I could do this all at home and not spend any money for gym.

If you are looking for ways to lose arm fat, I highly recommend “Go Sleeveless”, it`s by far the best targeted arm fat losing program out there.

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How To Lose Arm Fat

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