Lose Weight After A Baby – 3 Simple Tips That Helped Me To Lose Baby Weight In A Few Weeks

I gained 40 pounds during my first pregnancy, and about one week after delivery, 22 pounds were still on me. My stomach was huge, flabby and my whole body looked so unattractive.

To lose weight after having a baby, I knew I could not exercise. One reason, the body is not ready for exercising after delivery, and the other one – I never liked exercising. So I knew my rescue could be only a “diet”, and maybe being more active, which I also wasn`t sure I was ready for.

I was breastfeeding, and because of that, I needed the best nutrition, so could not go for any usual dieting. I needed something that would let me eat normally, and still lose weight after baby. I am sharing three easy steps you also can follow if you need to lose weight after delivery. It took me days to search for this kind of information, and weeks to try it on myself, so please value this, as it will save you tons of time.

By following the steps I provide here, I achieved the following weight loss results:

After the first week, I had 4 pounds off. Not so many, but still great.

One more week, and I had 7 pounds off, total. My clothes started to look bigger on me – and I loved that feeling.

For the third and fourth week, I lost 7 more pounds, and had a total of 18 pounds lost in a period of a month. I lost the rest 4 pounds in about two weeks, so it took me about 6 weeks to lose my pregnancy weight. Maybe it is not a very big number, but I think it is very good, because was not feeling like dieting or doing something unusual. Just living my regular life.

The Steps

I know you might think “this will not help me to lose weight, I`ve tried everything…” BUT – TRY IT! It works! Do not just decide this is not for you, because it really does work for new mothers! These steps might look too simple – but give them a couple of weeks, and you will be convinced.

First thing I did to lose weight after baby, was split my usual 3 big meals a day into five smaller ones. I also started eating breakfast, and stopped snacking all day long. That was so important! Whenever leaving the house for a longer walk, I took my prepared meals with me – that could be anything like omelet with veggies, lean meat, chicken or fish. Eating is essential, and starving is not an option when you need to lose weight after a baby.

Second thing I did was drink plenty of water. I used to get at least 10 glasses a day. Fluid is always good, and the rule “the more you drink, the more you shrink” seems to be so true here. I also drank loads of green tea, unsweetened.

Besides that, I knew that eating regularly does improve metabolism – body`s ability to burn the fat. And this is the third step to losing weight after pregnancy. I had my meals spread during the day at the intervals of 2-3 hours between them. This kept me full during the day, and my metabolism was increased.

My “Diet”

I was eating normally, and mostly the “fat burning” foods, and was following the meals plan by The Day Off Diet. It helped a lot. I never felt like dieting, when following it, and this really made a difference. The diet has many meals samples, so I had no hard time thinking what to eat tomorrow, or what foods to buy at the grocery store.

Also, as soon as I ran out of ideas, I was sometimes using the diet generator of the Strip That Fat diet, which I had for a long time already. A huge helper also (find more information here).

To maintain my weight, I do not do anything special now. However, I do not eat so many sandwiches anymore, I just eat healthy, and enjoy the same “fat burning foods” until now, because I just love them!

Just start following these simple steps, and you will too lose those unwanted pounds in a month or two!

To your weight loss success!

Jesse S.

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