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Hello, my name is Jesse

I am a 28 year old woman, and was overweight as long as I can remember myself. My current weight is 113 pounds, and it still keeps going down a little, until it reaches, I guess, 105-110 pounds.

How I ended My Struggle With Fat:

We may not know each other, but the problem you have, I totally understand.

But I DO know what it’s like to be overweight, and I’m assuming that you do as well. I was basically fat for as long as I can remember myself. (And I’m talking 50+ pounds overweight…)

And I can relate to the embarrassment, self-loathing and – truth be told – inner-hopelessness that goes hand in hand with being overweight.

I felt like a second-class person.

The worst part is that being fat affects every aspect of your life.

Everyone silently judges you, and you know it. People automatically assume the worst of you and it starts taking effect on your mental health as well.

It was a vicious, downward cycle. (When you feel excluded, it becomes harder and harder to even want to try socializing…)

And regardless of how hard I would try to lose weight – dieting, exercise, you name it – I just couldn’t stick with it. Nothing would change. Even after months of “dieting”, I would still look and feel the same. So I’d give up.

And I’d still go home every night from work feeling hopeless. Defeated. Alone. Stuck, with no help in sight.

Feelings of jealousy slowly turned into a general contempt for people in general. And over time, it just turned into a sort of “numbness”. But I was still filled with a quiet desperation to somehow, in some way, become different.

The only reason things got better is because I accepted the responsibility for the way I looked and I had to make some changes.

I stopped buying the “lose 10 pounds over night” products and I just concentrated on one pound at the time.  Come on, the ancient mystery herbs don’t really work.  And No I didn’t “shock” my body with intense amounts of exercise or torture myself for hours on a treadmill…

I just changed what I ate, and I figured out a way to do that without feeling hungry all the time so I could sustain my new diet. In a nutshell, I replaced a lot of carbs/bread with proteins and fruit.

(If you’re hungry all the time, you’ll just revert back to your old eating habits.)

Now one of the biggest issue for me was the meal plan.  I tried creating my own, but I noticed I was wondering off.  So instead of really buying a diet book, I look at diets that told me what to eat. I changed few of the meal plans, but I liked the best the Day Off Diet meal plan.  It was the best money ever spent, because I had a clear shopping list and a huge list of foods I coud eat.

No, I did not starve!  Instead, I ate the quality food that kept me satisfied without craving a lot of sweets.

Please, just don’t’ lose the hope!  Things can change, but it has to start with you as it did with me!

I am now addicted to everything that makes me look and feel better! I am always eager to find the best ways to lose weight and keep it off, stay fit and young, while following all natural ways to achieve this.

I`ve tried dozens of diets, have spent thousands. I got so tired of dieting! And as soon as I stopped doing it “the regular way”, I found some easy methods that worked. They are absolutely healthy and safe, they worked wonders for me and many of my friends. I am getting thank-you messages from the readers of my healthy weight loss tips guide, saying how happy they are to finally start losing weight and not gaining it back. It works!

I am sharing all my tips in my weight loss guide, the newsletter, as well as this website.

Enjoy, and

To your weight loss success!

Jesse S.

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