Steps to Make Your Digestive System Function Properly

One of the main reasons why people have a hard time losing weight is because their digestive system is not working properly. You might try really hard with dieting and healthy nutrition, but as long as your digestive system is not functioning properly, you might find it VERY hard to lose weight.

Here are the core elements to improve your digestive system and make it function properly:


Studies have shown that citrus improves metabolism and aids the digestive system, which leads to faster and easier weight loss. Pectin, which is found in lemons, helps to eliminate cravings.

The easiest way to add lemon to your daily menu is to squeeze lemon juice to your water. When I suggest to drink more water, especially water with lemon, I do that with purpose – this REALLY helps to lose weight a lot, and you`re about to get convinced as soon as you start drinking it this way. Sprinkle lemon juice over your food daily, and you have even better chances to improve your digestive system.

Use more lemon for soups, salads, meat and fish to stimulate the body`s natural metabolism. Incorporating lemon in your daily menu is easier than you think, and it as a great boost for your weight loss.

Now here`s another thing: if you add more fresh lemon to your diet, you`re going to regulate your blood sugar levels by as much as 30 percent.

Make sure you get at least one glass of water with lemon juice daily – you have no idea how much this helps!

2) Extra Virgin OLIVE OIL.

It is another wonderful addition to any diet.Extra virgin olive oil is righ in essential oils and tastes great. It can be used in countless different recipes. Remember the tip to get one spoon of extra virgin olive oil in the morning? Start doing this, because it works.

3) Less COFFEE.

Coffeine is known to slow down weight loss, so be sure not to drink too much coffee. And if you do, make sure you avoid sugar as much as possible.

4) Less SUGAR.

Sugar “tricks” the body into a false sense of energy, followed by a crash which can cause fatigue and more sugar cravings later.

These things sound simple, yet they are very effective for weight loss. You MUST add them to your daily lifestyle, because they truly work.

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