My Secret To Successful Weight Loss

What is the secret to successful weight loss? Many people think that those who are skinny, never face any weight loss problems. I would argue. I am skinny myself, and I know many other people who are skinny too. However, we DO put some effort in it. We really do something to stay skinny. And I am sure that many of the skinny people would get fat as soon as they got back to their old habits. This can be unhealthy eating, lack of movement, unhealthy lifestyle and many more.

There are PROVEN ways to lose weight and maintain it. And let`s face it, when you get to your best shape, it’s much easier to maintain it, than it is to get to it. This is why I often say that I stay skinny effortlessly. Because I actually do not feel like doing something to maintain my current weight. But I actually HAVE the same problem as many of you do: I would get fat in a week, if I kept eating hamburgers, ice creams, candies and cakes – and believe me, I love those!

The thing is, I do not want that much if them. I really enjoy eating healthy foods now instead of junk foods, sodas and sweets. And my way to this lifestyle was very long, and very hard. So how did I get here?

I will not mention every single diet here, every pill I took, or every single exercise. However, I will tell you the only thing I was missing when I could not achieve my weight loss results. Are you ready?

That word is so short, but it`s so powerful… It`s BELIEF. I was missing it, even if I believed I could lose that stubborn fat, I did not see myself thin. I never imagined myself buying smaller clothes, never imagine I could enjoy shopping because I could buy smaller size clothes.

It is very hard to keep the motivation when losing weight. But I`ve found that keeping motivation is much easier when you`re not alone. I love to read motivational books and thoughts – whenever I feel weak, they halp a lot. The 7 Hidden Secrets of Motivation book provides an exceptional value, and had a huge impact on my weight loss success, as well as still keeps me motivated to do so much in my life.

When you have motivation in place, persistence is the only thing you ever need to lose weight. It is impossible to fail, if you are motivated and persistent.

My secret to weight loss, as well as achieving any other goal, is firstly based on my belief. Diets, lifestyle, nutrition, exercising is what comes next. Nothing would work without a strong belief in myself and my abilities. The sky is the limit! 🙂

5 Best Ways To Lose Weight

When you are dealing with a phenomenon as diverse as human beings, it is very difficult to create rules which will work equally well for everyone. Nevertheless, there are some characteristics shared by all human beings, and this means that some basic principles can be developed. Here are five proven techniques to help you lose weight.

Best Way #1
The most fundamental strategy of successful weight loss is to burn more calories than you take in. You shouldn’t find it difficult to apply this in some aspect of your life. Adjust your diet by cutting down on high fat food, and take some simple exercise for twenty minutes, three times a week. Going for a brisk walk instead of driving everywhere will have the desired effect, as will gentle jogging or swimming.

Best Way #2
Gym membership is becoming increasingly popular, and, as long the exercise you do is well planned, it can be extremely beneficial. Aerobic exercise has to be the focal point of your plan, otherwise you could do more harm than good. Provided you adhere to this basic rule, some anaerobic weight or resistance training can help tone up your body. This will give you more strength and vitality, and should increase your confidence.

Best Way #3
Going to see a professional nutritionist or dietician can pay off handsomely. If you go it alone, you will need to put in some serious research to make sure you are genuinely eating healthily, and many who try this find themselves discouraged by the lack of variety in their diet. It certainly doesn’t have to be that way, as there are plenty of different healthy meals which help you lose weight. Getting the advice of a professional can make the task of losing weight seem so much more enjoyable!

Best Way #4
Find a friend to train with. If you and a friend are both regularly free at the same time of day, it can make sense to train together. Having someone to help you through the times when you don’t seem to be getting anywhere can keep you in the game until the improvement suddenly appears. Having a social aspect to your exercise will help you look forward to it, and make you more likely to stick to it!

Best Way #5
Eat less food more often. Many medical practitioners now recommend eating more meals a day, with less food at each one. This is a more balanced way to take food into the body, spreading the load on the body over a far wider period of time. The system of eating three meals a day is designed far more to fit in with the working day than it is to fit in with the needs of the human body. When you eat less more often, the body absorbs more of the nutrients in the food, so your body craves fewer calories.

The best and most effective method for weight loss does depend on the individual, but follow these time tested principles and you will see results. Or, if you need a detailed weight loss plan, with meals and schedules, check out the Day Off Diet.

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