How To Overcome Cravings and Lose Weight Easier

Many dieters find it hard to control cravings when losing weight. I have a short guide here with some great tips about how to fight them.

1) First thing you should do is learn to tell the difference between real hunger and simple cravings. One first thing to do is simply take a step back and think about what you`re eating BEFORE you grab something. Take a deep breath and ask yourself if you truly need to eat that cake right now. It migh actually surprise you, but allowing a moment to just look over your food choices can make a huge difference for your weight loss success.

2) Then you have to learn to stop thinking about food. Distractions really help. If you catch yourself thinking of a delicious apple pie, chances are very big you will end up eating a slice or two. However, by distracting yourself with other things, you suddenly make your cravings disappear. This is why I keep telling my friends who need to lose weight, that they have to keep themselves busy all the time. Why not think about decorating your room, or reading a book, or just going for a walk? This is a win-win situation! Just turn your attention to something else, not on the food.

3) The most important thing you should do to avoid cravings, is to eat 5-6 times a day, and these should be smaller meals. Eating more frequently and smaller portions will also help you to avoid cravings. This has double the effect, because it also makes you lose weight AND fight cravings! This way you improve metabolism and the body does not get into the starvation mode, which helps to prevent overeating. Please, don`t take this for granted because it is EXTREMELY important!

4) Water prevents cravingsas well, as it eventually makes you feel full.

Some people say it is good to have a food diary to avoid overeating and I agree with that. However,  I find some other techniques, like the ones I mentioned above, to work best.