Best Diets For Females

I get SO MANY questions like this. What are the best diets for females, really?

Well, there are thousands of diets out there, and it would be really hard to choose the one that works. They all promise great results, permanent weight loss, but in reality, only 1% of them really work.

I`ve tried hundreds of diets and methods to lose weight, and was able to lose over 50 pounds a few years ago, which never came back. I learned so much from all those diets I followed, and I am sharing the most important methods in my weight loss guide (you can get it by filling in your details in the top right corner).

However, if you are looking for THE DIET to follow, the exact foods you can eat, I would only give you two choices: one, for fast weight loss, and the other one, for slower but easier weight loss.

Best diets for females

To achieve fast weight loss, I would go for the Warp Speed Fat Loss diet. You can drop up to 20 pounds in 4 weeks, healthy and safe.

To lose weight slower, but easier, and for more chances to not gain it back, I would follow The Day Off diet. Really easy to stick to, has a great list of foods you can eat, and lets you have one day a week to eat anything you like, and as much as you want.

Best Diet To Lose Weight Fast

With so many to choose from today, how do we know which diets really work, and deliver the promised results?

I`ve tried dozens of diets, and to save you time, money and nerves, I will tell you which ones really keep their promises.

Best Diet To Lose Weight Fast

I would choose two diets as the most healthy, and the ones that deliver the promised weight loss results.

The Warp Speed Fat Loss Diet

This diet promises you can lose 20 pounds in 28 days (one month). The diet provides a healthy menu you have to follow, which makes you lose weight. I personally have followed this diet some time ago, and I can say that the menu makes you lose a significant amount of weight.

I did not have much to lose at the time of trying this, but I averaged about 3-4 pounds a week for each week.

The menu is healthy and does not shock the body, which is what I liked the most.

The diet is not hard to follow, however, the most difficult part is to FOLLOW some diet religiously. And this is the hardest part for many people. We all could lose all that weight if we could only stick to a healthy diet.

The Day Off Diet

I would personally not call this a diet, as it actually is a lifestyle, or, a way of living / eating. I live following the principles outlined in this diet now.

The diet promises you to lose 15 pounds in one month, and it keeps the promise.

What I like the most about this diet, is that it TEACHES you to live healthier. After one month of following it, you will actually CHANGE your eating habits.

The diet is extremely easy to follow, as you can choose what to eat from a huge list of foods. All the bad foods are also allowed for one day a week, which is lovely too.