Fat Loss 4 Idiots Reviews

fat loss 4 idiots reviews

The reality is that losing weight permanently isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. I know that’s not a popular sentiment, but it’s the truth. You are much better off making healthy changes over time that become a permanent part of your life.

Here is the review of the most popular weight loss program today: Fat Loss 4 Idiots. It is the most popular weight and fat loss program not without a reason.


Fat Loss 4 Idiots Reviews


fat loss 4 idiots reviews

With a claim of 9 pounds of weight loss every 11 days, many people quickly label Fat Loss 4 Idiots as a scam. However, it continues to be the best selling weight loss guide on the internet, and this is not without a reason.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots focuses on forming smart eating habits for fast weight loss. Unlike the programs that focus on reducing belly fat, Fat Loss 4 Idiots is highly recommended for those who want to trim their overall body weight.

While the name will catch some people off guard, Fat Loss 4 Idiots is truly idiot proof. The program lays out a simple plan to help people to lose weight quickly without using a lot of technical jargon. It is truly a weight loss plan for the average person who wants to change his or her appearance fast, and keep it for good.

What’s in the program?

The concept behind this program is known as shifting calories. Based on your own personal eating habits, you can define how your body is capable of burning the calories you consume. When you implement this, your body is able to anticipate the foods that you will be eating over the next week or so. This can be acheived by simply breaking this habit of the same foods everyday, which can result in a spurt in your metabolic process.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is known as the “calorie shifting” diet, which is changing the types of foods you eat every few days, to not let your metabolism “snooze”.

It allows you choose the foods you like, and then generates a diet for you for the coming 11 days.

You are allowed to have 4 meals a day, which have to be not

too big ones.

Here is a meal plan example for one day (with 2 glasses of water before or during each meal):

Meal 1: Boiled Eggs with Beef Slices

Meal 2: Tuna and Chicken Salad

Meal 3: Grapes Pineapple Smootie

Meal 4: Scrambled eggs and Peanuts

The meals can be eaten in any order and contain all or one item listed. The meals are different for every day, then after 11 days you can have a 3 day break and start all over again.

The diet provides many great tips as well. it works if you stick to it.

You can repeat these weight loss cycles a few times, until you reach your goal weight.

Using the program’s diet generator, where you will be able to enter you goals for weight loss as well as your preference in foods, you will be able to create a diet plan especially for you. As you follow the plan that is created for you, you will continually lose weight while your metabolism increases.

The ultimate goal of the Fat Loss 4 Idiots weight loss program is the concept of tricking your body’s metabolism to increase by switching up your regular diet routine. Therefore, you can use the program regardless of your current diet.


My Verdict:

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is the perfect weight loss plan for people who are on the go. There is no need to spend time reading lengthy ebooks or watching countless DVDs. Instead, the program is perfectly customizable and workable into your life.

It is pretty easy to follow, you can choose from variety of foods, and it allows you some freedom compared to other diet programs available.

Visit Fat Loss 4 Idiots Website

The website claims that users will drop eleven pounds every nine days, and this is perfectly obtainable within the first few weeks of the program. However, it is unlikely to keep up over time. During the first week or so, since a portion of your excess weight is retained water, this water is shed quickly during the first couple weeks, resulting in rapid weight loss. Once this water weight is lost, the overall speed of your weight loss will likely decrease to about five pounds a week, which is still
very good.

The plan that is created for you is a sensible eating plan that will increase your metabolism. As a result, you will continue to lose weight if you stick to the eating plan. One of the benefis of this is the ability to see exactly what you should eat, instead of simply focusing on low carbs and/or low fats. In fact, one of the statements on the website is that, “low carb diets don’t work… low fat diets don’t work… [and] low calorie diets don’t work.”

This program is great for people who want rapid weight loss and do not have time to learn new weight loss methods or spend extra time exercising. If this is your goal, then Fat Loss 4 Idiots is highly recommended.

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