Workout Plans For Women – The Most Effective Workout Plans For Women

If you are like me, you do not want to waste your time by doing things that are not very effective. You have to know what works, and stick to that, and this applies to everything, including the workout plans for women.

I know and have tried myself only two workout plans that I can definitely say are worth investment of your time and money. These are the Firm Butt workouts and Tom Venuto`s Burn The Fat.

Both of these programs focus on losing weight, lowering the body fat levels AND toning the muscles.


Workout Plans For Women – The Firm Butt Workout

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This is the workout program made exclusively for women.

With the Firm Butt exercise program, I noticed my butt got firmer in 19 days, that is almost 3 weeks. And it got VISIBLY firmer in about 5 weeks. I was doing the exercises every day.

Although this program name seems to only focus on buttocks exercises, it actually has exercises for the whole body. Videos are included on their website, or you can download them and watch from your computer.

The Firm Butt workout program creator, who is the fitness champion, also provides the diet meal plan for those who want to lose some weight while following the workout program at the same time. He also has some motivational free resources for members of the program, which I also liked much.

Visit the Firm Butt Website


Workout Plans For Women – Burn The Fat Workout

workout plans for women

Burn The Fat is a total body workout. To say that he workout program author, Tom venuto, is an expert, would be an understatement. This guy really know his stuff.

This program is the #1 workout and exercise program of all times, it is the most popular workout program of all times.

Everything you ever need to know about how to tread your body to burn the fat and tone up your muscles, is there.

Please read the full Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle review.