The Best Working Diet – What Is It?

After trying so many things to lose weight, I now can tell you that the best working diet is the one which is a long term solution, not the one that promises fast results.

See, I know you might need to lose weight extremely fast sometimes. But if you want to really LOSE it and never gain it back, you have to follow a proven diet that will help you do that.

The best working diet in my opinion is the Day Off diet.


– Because it`s flexible: you can choose from the list of foods and eat whatever you like. There are many foods included, and you can also eat whatever you want for one day of the week.

– Because, compared to other popular diets, I actually never felt like dieting. You make the eating plan for yourself, and follow it. Would you feel like boing on a diet when you eat what you choose? probably not.

– Because it`s not expensive. It costs about $30. Would you say good-bye to your pounds for just 30 bucks? I bet you would.

So, the best working diet is not fat away – just set yourself a goal, and you will lose weight as well as keep it off.

How To Lose Your Tummy – Things To Know When You Need To Reduce Stomach Fat

The most popular question people ask me over and over again is how to lose your tummy, or how to reduce stomach fat. Losing fat off a specific area of the body is not very easy, especially if that is not the only place your body keeps putting on the fat.

However, it is doable, and belly fat is not exception.

I have collected all my best techniques that work extremely well for belly fat reduction, in my Reduce Stomach Fat guide, make sure to check it out and APPLY those methods, because only following them you can reduce your waistline by 1-1.5 inches every single week.

Some things to keep in mind: to lose tummy fat, you need to focus on small exercises, as well as your diet. There is a statement that “flat stomach is made in the kitchen, not at the gym”, and it is so true. Well you really need to exercise, but eating is VERY important, so do not skip that part.

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I am relly curious, and since this product has a *FREE* trial, I might not be able to refuse and actually order one 🙂

The best thing is, this is endless. Today we have losing weight pills, shakes, sprays, … what is next? Weight loss beds, coats, bags?

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Lose 5 Pounds a Week – 3 Simple Steps That Will Help You Lose 5 Pounds a Week

In my weight loss guide, I share my secret method to lose 10 pounds in one week. However, if you want an easier task, to lose 5 pounds a week, here is what you have to do:

Lose 5 Pounds a Week

To lose 5 pounds a week, you need a good diet to follow. One of the two best diets for that to choose from, are Fat Loss 4 Idiots (to lose 9 pounds every 11 days), and Warp Speed Fat Loss (to lose 5 pounds every single week).

The Warp Speed Diet can help you to lose 20 pounds in 28 days – that is 5 pounds each week.

But – and this is VERY important, there is something you can do to skyrocket your weight loss results!

This might sound so boring already, but I will let myself repeat this again and again, because it is SO important:

1) You have to drink plenty of water. When I say PLENTY, I mean it. 10 glasses a day AT LEAST. Water cleanses the body and hydrates it, as well as makes you lose water weight. This is SO EASY to do, and it helps so much to lose weight. I am surprised how few people really do this.

2) Stop eating after 7 PM. This is a huge help when you aim to lose 5 pounds a week. Just do it.

3) Do not eat cakes, sweets, fast foods for the week. You should stop eating these in general, but if you only want to lose a few pounds a week, then just do this for this week only. Helps a lot.

Just do each of these things for one week, and I can guarantee that you will lose AT LEAST 5 pounds.

Best Diets For Females

I get SO MANY questions like this. What are the best diets for females, really?

Well, there are thousands of diets out there, and it would be really hard to choose the one that works. They all promise great results, permanent weight loss, but in reality, only 1% of them really work.

I`ve tried hundreds of diets and methods to lose weight, and was able to lose over 50 pounds a few years ago, which never came back. I learned so much from all those diets I followed, and I am sharing the most important methods in my weight loss guide (you can get it by filling in your details in the top right corner).

However, if you are looking for THE DIET to follow, the exact foods you can eat, I would only give you two choices: one, for fast weight loss, and the other one, for slower but easier weight loss.

Best diets for females

To achieve fast weight loss, I would go for the Warp Speed Fat Loss diet. You can drop up to 20 pounds in 4 weeks, healthy and safe.

To lose weight slower, but easier, and for more chances to not gain it back, I would follow The Day Off diet. Really easy to stick to, has a great list of foods you can eat, and lets you have one day a week to eat anything you like, and as much as you want.