Best Diet To Lose Weight Fast

With so many to choose from today, how do we know which diets really work, and deliver the promised results?

I`ve tried dozens of diets, and to save you time, money and nerves, I will tell you which ones really keep their promises.

Best Diet To Lose Weight Fast

I would choose two diets as the most healthy, and the ones that deliver the promised weight loss results.

The Warp Speed Fat Loss Diet

This diet promises you can lose 20 pounds in 28 days (one month). The diet provides a healthy menu you have to follow, which makes you lose weight. I personally have followed this diet some time ago, and I can say that the menu makes you lose a significant amount of weight.

I did not have much to lose at the time of trying this, but I averaged about 3-4 pounds a week for each week.

The menu is healthy and does not shock the body, which is what I liked the most.

The diet is not hard to follow, however, the most difficult part is to FOLLOW some diet religiously. And this is the hardest part for many people. We all could lose all that weight if we could only stick to a healthy diet.

The Day Off Diet

I would personally not call this a diet, as it actually is a lifestyle, or, a way of living / eating. I live following the principles outlined in this diet now.

The diet promises you to lose 15 pounds in one month, and it keeps the promise.

What I like the most about this diet, is that it TEACHES you to live healthier. After one month of following it, you will actually CHANGE your eating habits.

The diet is extremely easy to follow, as you can choose what to eat from a huge list of foods. All the bad foods are also allowed for one day a week, which is lovely too.

Foods That Make You Lose Weight

Listed below are the foods that make you lose weight. Or, at least, they are extremely good for losing weight. In fact, by eating most of them, your body burns MORE calories than it consumes!

Here`s the list:







Green melons

Seedless grapes (red and green)

Freshly squeezed fruit juice



green beans

Brussels sprouts













Meat & Fish:





Xhicken faul


Dairy Products:

Cottage Cheese

Plain Yogurt






Sunflower seeds

Brazil nuts

Wheat-grass drinks

Coconut milk

Eggs (whole)







Cream of Wheat

Rye bread







Brown rice



The Best Way to Diet – You Cannot Miss This If You Need to Lose Weight!

So you`re looking for the best way to diet? Welcome! Make sure you have a minute or two to read this, because after you do, you will have all the tools in the world you need, to lose weight.

Ready? Good, let`s start.

Best Way To Diet

The best way to diet is based not on a specific diet, no matter how strange this might sound. All the best diets in the world are not enough if you do not know the basics.

So what are they? I bet you`ve heard them thousands of times, but have you implemented them?

1) Water. Everybody keeps talking about drinking water for weight loss. And many people skip this. You know why? because they just do not believe it!


This is not a smart thing to do. If people are talking about drinking water to lose weight, you MUST try it. Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day. Stop looking for the weight loss miracles because they just do not exist. Follow the old, good steps, and you will lose weight.

These are the steps to follow:

2) Eat regularly and more often. This doesn`t seem to be of help for weight loss, or does it? I am sure most of the people skip this, because it just DOES NOT SEEM to help. But you know what? It helps more than any pills or exercises combined. Try it and you will be convinced.

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Stop wasting your precious time, everything you need is there.

How To Lose Water Weight

I get this question so frequently. How do you lose water weight, really?

This might sound unbelievable, but in order to lose water weight, you have to… DRINK MORE WATER!

Really, It is that simple. Now, here is why, and how it works:

How To Lose Water Weight

When you drink not enough water, your body starts to STORE the water and any liquid it gets. It keeps storing it thinking that if, someday, it does not get any water, it can use the stored water. Only when you give your body enough water, it starts to unleash the stored water, and stops storing it.

To lose weight, you should know that you need to drink enough water. In order to start losing water weight, you have to drink even more water. That`s at least one gallon per day. And at least for one week. After that, you should start losing water weight. If you keep enough hydrated for a week and a half, or two weeks, your body should unleash all the stored water.

This is really so simple to do, just keep your water with you all the time. Drink more in the mornings, and not too much at night.

Start doing this today and you will lose your water weight in no time. Just start!

How To Lose Weight Eating Cheese – a Tip for Cheese Lovers Who Need to Lose Weight

Do you need to lose weight, but cant`stop eating cheese sandwiches? I love cheese, too!

We all know cheese is fattening, and not the best choice when losing weight. But some people just can`t stop eating cheese. I know a few friends of mine who eat as many as 10 cheese sandwiches a day! How do you think they could lose weight? :-/ Should be very hard ….

But THERE IS an option!

Well, this is not going to save your life, but it can help a lot!

How To Lose Weight Eating Cheese

Here is what you do:

Cheese itself is not that bad. Fat in cheese is bad. So the goal is to remove as much fat as possible. To do that, take your cheese, or a cheese sandwich, and put it in a microwave until the cheese melts.

Then drain off the grease and eat the cheese. You can eat it hot or wait until it gets cold.

Just imagine how much fat you eliminate in a week or two, just by doing this!

This trick does not require much effort, but can really halp you if you cannot cut off cheese completely, but still need to lose weight.

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